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Are Stretch Marks an Inevitable Expression of Motherhood?

Are Stretch Marks an Inevitable Expression of Motherhood?
Most of us begin life with perfect skin. Every one of us will have heard the expression, as soft as a baby’s skin, used by relatives and friends and may even have used it ourselves many times. Softness is related to smoothness and whenever we are fortunate enough to touch a healthy baby, helping them bathe or learn to swim, perhaps, our hands feel rough in comparison to their body.

Even when we are in our teens or young adulthood our skin can still retain its perfect qualities. Younger ladies, in particular, can be blessed with a beautiful smoothness. Which makes it all the more difficult to accept when the cycle starts again and new mothers discover that their perfection has been lost and stretch marks have appeared where there once was smooth, unblemished skin.

Unfortunately it’s not just having babies that can cause stretch marks to appear in soft expanses of flesh. Nor is it only women who can suffer from them either. Sometimes it can be caused by rapid loss of weight when strict dietary routines are undertaken. Other people can experience them from a change of diet, a move to a new country or even a change of lifestyle that involves more physical activity.

Whatever the reason, there is now help at hand for those who want to do something about it rather than simply shrugging the shoulders and accepting the hand of time upon their entire body. A new technique, known as Recell Treatment, has become available. This takes the patient’s own healthy skin cells and implants them in the areas where new skin needs to be developed. The new skin then replaces the scarred and unnatractive looking skin so that the stretch marks can become invisible to the naked eye. This can work on many different areas of the body including thighs, buttocks, bellies and arms.

It may sound easy but the technique needs specialist training and experienced hands. Fortunately clinics are now opening up around the country to be able to offer stretch mark removal sessions to those who most feel that it would benefit them. Trained medical practitioners need to be involved in carrying out these delicate procedures. Both the removal of skin cells as well as implanting these cells to the damaged areas of the body requires care and attention of the highest standard of medical practice for successful results to be obtained.

If you would like to find out more about these possibilities please visit www .medicaretreatments. co. uk This is also where you can book a preliminary interview to ascertain your suitability for this type of skin work in the London area. No longer is it necessary to grin and bear it when it comes to stretch marks and possibilities for their removal.

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