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TAO OF BADASS Review... What Is It?

TAO OF BADASS Review... What Is It?
Like the tagline says, "Everything you have to know to be a complete BADASS with women," tao of badass is a system that teaches you how to approach, attract, pickup, then seduce women. Like many other systems that teaches the art of seduction, it is based on the now legendary pickup artist Mystery's M3 model. It teaches you the basics of approaching and attracting women and along the way, perhaps, how you may become an actual badass with women.

There are DOZENS of these pick up artist systems!

Yes there are, and I'm here to let you in on a big secret. All these systems are based on the exact same underlying principal so all are more or less the same. However, each system specializes on some aspect of the attraction/seduction process. Just like in religion where the underlying principal is the same, but have many different denominations, divisions, sects, followings, and cults, the pickup community is similar in the fact that each system is just different enough to warrant a different following. There are those that go for that churn and burn, some that just try to get as much one night stands as possible, some that teach you how to get your ex back, and those that actually teach how to attract and sustain a quality, long term relationship.

Where does the TAO OF BADASS fit in then?

It fits in somewhere in the middle and that's the strength of this system. It doesn't try to specialize and make specific promises. Rather, it teaches you the fundamentals and leaves the specifics for following lessons and programs. Think of it as "Pick Up 101," the entry level course that gets you primed and ready with the basics before moving on to the expert stuff. Some may not like this approach but as in any skill, the fundamentals come first.

Then what's so special about this system?

The badass that made this system, Josh Pellicer, focuses on 3 aspects of attracting women in his system. These 3 things are what sets this system apart from others and well worth reading. If you don't get anything else out of this system, you MUST get these 3 things.

1) Qualifying

Qualifying means to sell yourself to someone or have someone sell themselves to you. You DO NOT want to be qualifying yourself to someone. This is construed as being needy and desperate. This system teaches you how to have the girl QUALIFY HERSELF TO YOU! This means that the girl will chase YOU, instead of the other way around. Wouldn't this make everything so much easier?

2) Compliance test

A compliance test is a statement or act that checks to see if you will do whatever she wants. If you comply, she will have gained control over the interaction, conversation|the conversation, interaction, and you. The compliance test is really a test to see whether or not they're can get away with whatever they want. Why would they want to test this? Well, they want to find out whether or not you're used to beautiful women hitting on you or whether or not you're used to being with beautiful women. This system teaches you how to pass this test like you have the answers written on your hand.

3) Congruence test

This is another test you MUST PASS! A congruence test is a test to see if you are actually as confident as you seem to be, usually by throwing a fussy comment or insulting you in some way. It is to see how you, their prospective date, reacts to a stressful stimulus. The reasoning is, if you can put up with her extreme opinions and emotions, you may be able to handle her in real life. After this course, you will learn how to recognize this wicked test and know how to ACE it.

So will this make me a badass with women?

Perhaps, but probably not. This is not a magic book, and it definitely can not make you get off your computer and apply these techniques. The only thing that will make you successful with attracting women is the amount of effort and practical application YOU put in. This system is just a guide, a mentor, it can only give you the knowledge. How well you apply that knowledge is solely up to you. However, if you really apply the techniques in this book and practice, practice, practice, then perhaps one day, you may also become a badass with women ...

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