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Deadly Steroids Mix

Deadly Steroids Mix

Lethal Steroids Combination

Steroids are the artificial version of testosterone hormones that are either injected of taken orally for rapid increase in body mass and improve the performance. Normally players, body builders and athletes use these drugs to enhance their power and to perform well in competitions. No doubt these steroids are very effective, but they are useful only if they are used wisely and under the supervision of specialists. Otherwise they have many side and after effects. The situation becomes even worst when these drugs are taken with the combination of some other drugs, alcohol and cocaine.  These combinations sometimes prove lethal; so it should be strictly avoided.

It is true that in many cases, drugs are combined to have better results. But in such a case, the patient should be under careful observation of some qualified medical doctor or any other learned physician so that in case of emergency, he can tackle the problem and the lethal side of combination can be avoided. Normally the persons that do their self medication and the old age people (as they have multiple health problems) are more at risk.

The combination of steroids and alcohol is very dangerous. Especially when alcohol is taken with oral anabolic steroids, it can have serious health problems. Alcohol has the ability to break down solids and oral anabolic steroids are transformed from testosterone to estrogen. These drugs first pass through the liver and then become the part of blood. So this combination can damage your liver and at times, it can be fatal. Likewise, when cocaine and steroids are combined, they may be the cause of stroke. Steroids and cocaine both have the ability to enhance aggregation of platelets and ultimately they can be the cause of heart attack or a stroke by making blood clots.

Some users of steroids do not combine different drugs; they do not use these drugs with alcohol, cocaine and other relaxants. Rather, they increase the dose of steroids without any consultation and proper knowledge. This overdose of steroids can also be lethal. Regular use of steroids has multiple side effects and if they are taken in overdose form; you can well imagine the consequences. Liver, heart, lungs, muscles and mind – all the organs of body will completely damaged. Steroids usage without prescription is illegal in all the developed countries. If someone takes these drugs in abundance, he can have many dangerous long term effects.

The worst thing is this that even school going kids have an idea of mixing up different drugs. Forums on internet give them an exposure to the different experiences of different users of steroids. These kids do not have complete knowledge and they take the half truth as full truth.  They never hesitate to apply new ideas in their own lives and they get ready to try new combinations. (They are too young to think about it in depth.)  When the time passes and they lose their health; now they are helpless and find them unable to do anything to cure their lost health. They cry over split milk but at this stage, what use of it and how much beneficial it is to realize the whole scenario? 

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