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Body Transformation Nation Exercise Weblog

Body Transformation Nation Exercise Weblog
My title is Rick Porter and I’ve just committed myself to obtaining back into shape and completely transforming my physique in the age of 44. More than the last 5 years of operating from house with my web company I have gained 40 pounds of body fat, created diabetes, high blood pressure, and have extremely reduced power ranges.

As of December 1st I have began this website to document my journey of obtaining back into shape and obtaining wholesome once more for myself and my family members. I’m not a stranger to well being and fitness. In 1989 I was a higher school wrestling state champion in the excess weight of 152 pounds. Afterwards I joined the U.S. Marines and spent 4 years within the infantry stationed in Hawaii. Following that I worked as being a individual trainer but then left the area to pursue jobs in technologies.

Now, here I am these days, 20 years following leaving the Marines whilst becoming within the very best shape of my lifestyle, I am now 50 pounds overweight and within the worst shape of my lifestyle. I can either carry on creating excuses as to why I do not have any time to exercise whilst obtaining fatter and much more unhealthy, OR - I can take the good actions essential to create a genuine alter in my lifestyle. I require to complete this for my wife and children. I cannot be irresponsible anymore with my well being.

Adhere to my journey and see how I overcome the excuses, pitfalls, and obstacles that I’ll encounter when undergoing this physique transformation.

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