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Botox Sprinkles to Calm the Nerves

Botox Sprinkles to Calm the Nerves
All the women in the office were too excited to work. Their supervisor huffed and puffed from his office, occasionally calling in one of the men to have words. Why can't you control these women, he asked? He didn't to dare try to do that himself. All the men knew that winning that competition to meet with Gary Barlow was going to occupy the women for most of that day and probably for many more. There was just one small question about the night out with the famous man and that was, which one of them should go?

They had approached the competition in the spirit of a lottery syndicate: each one of them put in two words for the winning sentence. The question was, what would be the most exciting aspect of having a night out with the singer. Their answer was, the most exciting aspect would be to have the memory of that night to tell their children. Which was strange, because only one of them had any children and she was a divorced, 40 year old with twins, a boy and girl just coming up to secondary school age.

One of the younger women suggested they put their names into a hat and let the office junior pull out the winner. They agreed and all wrote their own name on a small slip of paper. There was no hat so they used an empty cartridge box. The office boy was called over and, blushing, he took the box. Give it a good shake, they shouted, so he did before opening the top flaps. All the women held their breath and crossed their fingers, one even prayed. The oldest though prayed that it wasn't her that was chosen.

Since the letter had arrived, she had been thinking that she just wouldn't dare go out with such a famous star. She knew she had nothing good enough to wear and there was no way she would know what to say to him. She was sure that he would be so disappointed when he saw who had won. And even though the others had sworn they would babysit if it was her good luck to win, she knew she would have to make some excuse if the boy chose her name. When he did, she ran out to the bathroom crying while the others all sat looking shocked.

Two of them then followed her into the ladies and were astounded to hear the older woman tell them she was too old and ugly to go out witha superstar. She was then dragged in front of the long mirror. Look, her friends said from behind her, you have the figure of a twenty year old, hair to make anyone jealous and eyes the colour of the sea. Any man would love to sink into them. What about all these little lines around my mouth and eyes though, she asked, don't they make me look old? Well girl, answered one of them, have I told you about Botox Sprinkles? They'll make you confident enough to go out with any superstar.

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