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How To Create A SEO Press Release

How To Create A SEO Press Release
These days, getting someone to respond to your unsolicited email is almost impossible, so how will a small business or organization get their press releases out? The SEO press release is different than your traditional press release. A press release will have to be relevant, timely and interesting, but there is a whole new different strategy involved in SEO press release copywriting, so it has a better chance of getting picked up by a news organization or blog looking for content.

Press release Copywriting
Make your press release with an HTML editor.

Because you are making content that will be released online, it has to be ready to be published online. But doing is much is harder than you think. Use your HTML editor in Microsoft Word to make an SEO press release. You can also visit an online HTML editor.

SEO press releaseThe first 250 words should be keyword-rich.

Be keyword smart when making your press release. Pick a few key, relevant words or phrases and ensure that they work with the writing. No one wants to read a dry article that looks more like a keyword directory than something that should give interesting information.

Pick 3 relevant keywords to use as anchor text links.

Anchor text links is a link to a website that does not contain the actual website address. Instead, they appear as readable words in the context of a sentence that will redirect to the relevant info when clicked. These anchor text links should drive people to your website and your content.

Make SEO Press release Template
Add 1 or 2 quotes for a relevant source on the subject.

These quotes can be from the manager, owner or a beloved customer. You can very well write up a quote in the SEO press release template that is rich in keywords, and then ask the speaker of the quote to confirm that they agree and would allow you to put these words in their mouth.

Embed at least 1 picture and 1 video.

Having a picture and video available in the SEO press release means that you have already done 95% of the work for whoever uses it as content to their website. People managing content websites are busy; the less work they have to do with positing content online, the more they will use your press release.

Give your SEO press release a standalone optimized title.

Most of the time, when viewing a press release in the massive stream of data, all that we see is the title. If you want to people to read your release, give them the information that they need to easily fish it out from the river of information, and the desire to read it.

Submit your SEO press release.

Once your press release is finished, submit and distribute it to website with readers that you are targeting, as well as to online press release hubs. There are so many free SEO press release distribution sites; send them out to as many as you can for the best results.

Hire A reputable Press release Service

Even when you do not get a bite on your press release from outside media, don’t fret; there is still a good chance that your potential customers will come across you, your press release and your business just by doing a simple search using the optimized keywords for your SEO press release. Hire a reputable SEO press release service like Influence Engine Marketer to help you out.

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