20 Aralık 2014 Cumartesi

Streetwear As A Modern Phenomenon And Highly Appreciated Trend

Streetwear As A Modern Phenomenon And Highly Appreciated Trend
While fashion weeks of fall-winter or spring-summer seasons are indefatigably demonstrating the latest trends on the podiums it is sometimes even more interesting to watch what public is wearing. And wherever you look one way or another you may capture people in streetwear which is represented by comfortable pieces such as jeans, sweatshirts, baseball caps, and sneakers or various combinations of them all.

You may consider all these baggy T-shirts and faded jeans as a part of so-called low culture, but in fact the boarders between high and low culture were wiped off as long ago as in the ninetieth, and now the world is facing exactly the following thing: street culture and streetwear as its "distinctive style" are becoming the mainstream. Fashion designers, experts, bloggers and the media are getting interested in this fashion niche, people buy the stuff, sell it, copy it and even combine it with those refined haute couture garments, creating an absolutely crazy mash of styles. Recently such high brands as Givenchy and Kenzo themselves don't shun borrowings from street aesthetics, adding sweatshirts to their collections, and Comme des Garcons, Japanese titans of conceptualism, collaborated for the show with Supreme not so long ago. Until recently Kenzo sweatshirts with a tiger print didn't leave fashion blogs around the world.

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